how e-floater sharing works

a guide to start your floating experience


Register for an account here or by selecting "Register" from the menu above. 


Confirm your account through the e-mail sent to your registered e-mail account.


Select app from menu above. 


Select login from the option above and enter your registered e-mail address and password. 


Simply find an e-floater nearby or look for an e-floater on the app.


A green light on the steering indicates that the e-floater is available for rent. The 3 white lights next to it indicates full battery charges for about 20 km’s. 


Select the e-floater you want to rent and click Rent. You can also reserve an e-floater for 5 minutes. 


Select Start Your Trip Now and the e-floaters lights will turn on and you are ready to float!


Find a designated parking spot marked as a yellow box.


Select Return. You can also Pause your trip any time during your journey. The e-floater lights will turn off and you are done! 

Make sure to return the e-floaters within our service area in One North in Singapore reflected as the white area on the map


The accelerator is on the right and the brake is on the left and the buzzer is behind the brake.


To start floating, kick off from the e-floater to let it roll forward and press accelerator slowly.

any questions?

Just take a quick look into our FAQs 

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