Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is floating?

A: Let us rock your world on that! Floating is the way we call using our e-floaters. We designed them to mimic the action of “carving” which is the term used by skiers. Imagine the shuffling left and right action by skiers, that’s exactly what you can do with our e-floaters! Cool eh?


Q: Can I use the e-floater anywhere?

A: Yes, but you are not allowed to use them on the roads and you can't use them indoors. For more information about personal mobility in Singapore, click here. Float and have an awesome time, but always be safe! 


Q: I am a beginner and have never used an e-scooter before. Is it easy?

A: Don’t sweat it! We call them e-floaters because they are super easy to use and within seconds, you will be floating!


Q: How much does it cost to rent an e-floater?

A: It’s extremely affordable. We haven’t released a pricing plan yet, so it’s free to use in Singapore for now. 


Q: How do I sign up to use an e-floater?

A: Signing up is easy, check here to read how to register. 


Q: How do I rent and return an e-floater?

A: It’s super convenient! Go to, select "app to start floating". You will see a map with icons of where our e-floaters are located. Zoom in and select the e-floater you want to rent. Click on "Rent" and then "Start Your Trip Now". The lights will be turned and you can now float! To return, simply click on the e-floater that you have rented and click on "Return". The e-floater lights will turn off and you will receive a thank you message.


Q: Can I pre-book an e-floater?

A: Oh yeah, it’s one of our many cool features. After you are logged in, on the "app to start floating", find the e-floater that you want and select Reserve. Boom! The e-floater is reserved for you for the next 5 minutes.


Q: Can I return the e-floater anywhere?

A: The e-floaters need to be returned to a designated parking spot marked as a yellow box as per local government regulations. Look for these yellow boxes outside and around buildings. 


Q: What is the max. speed?

A: Uuu, a bit of a speed demon, aren't you? Our e-floaters are regulation standard and the top speed is 25 km/h.


Q: What is the max. range?

A: On a full charge, our e-floaters have been recorded to go for 20kms!


Q: What is the weight capacity?

A: We would love for anyone to use our e-floaters to float and have fun but unfortunately, there is a weight capacity of 100kg.


Q: Is an helmet required?

A: No, but you are more than welcome to use a cool looking helmet while you are floating around. Send us a pic please!


Q: Can 2 people float on one e-floater?

A: Sounds nice and romantic but no! Only 1 person can be on the e-floater at one time. Get another one for your friend, floating is much cooler in groups!


Q: How old do I have to be to use the e-floater?

A: We would love for everyone to use it but you have to be 16 and above though! 


Q: How do I contact you guys if I need help?

A: Don’t worry, we got you covered. Simply click on the contact us option and we will get your message immediately. Alternatively, you can mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q: Why do I need to add my credit card?

A: For Singapore users, the e-floaters are free for use. But to ensure responsible usage of the e-floaters, we require that you enter your credit card information. This measure is also to ensure that the users are of legal age (16 and above) and acts as a registration verification process. Rest assured that you will not be charged for the usage.


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