Next generation e-scooter

Three-wheel design

Replaceable battery

Available 24/7 on the road

Emission free

Street legal

White label

Modular chassis


Sustainable e-scooter sharing for you

Our own vehicle comes from the Hamburg harbor basin. Unique design and an active service create a 100% emission-free and fair offer for you.


Experience the three-wheel e-floater!

True sustainable e-Scooter

The e -floater is a next generation electric scooter. It convinces with real sustainability!


The battery of the e- floater is replaceable, like the entire modular structure of the floater made out of advanced composite materials.


With its three-wheel structure , the e- floater is one thing above all: self balanced that can't tipp over. There is also an incomparable floating experience.


easy, convenient, fun!

Best network service

Our e -floater service operators ensure optimal fleet availability and are your contact persons at the same time.

The operational service is 100% emission-free . No diesel transporters for redistribution.


Our electric cargo bike ensures real sustainability and a tidy cityscape . We value fair pay with local full-time employees.




We start where others stop

The e-floater is the answer to the open questions of micromobility.

The new market offers many opportunities and hurdles - the e-floater masters both! Product and service go hand in hand and give your company the best operational solution for your business area! Operate your own network.